Red Bull Gave Me Wings

I drink a Red Bull. Oops.



I'm back.  I haven't posted in a loooooong time.  But I will.  Starting now.

This counts.


Money from Games

As I write this post, I have already received a check for about $20 and have $45 in my account at moola.com. The best part is - I HAVE NEVER DEPOSITED A DIME into ANYTHING! All I have done to make money is use their "Search and Win" feature every now and then, but there are a bunch of ways to make money.

You can play games gambling the money that Moola gives you after watching an advertisement.

You can shop from their affiliates and get "Cash Back Boosters."

You can spin the wheel o' money after simply using their search engine.

AND THE BEST - you get 4% of the money that anyone you recommend makes... and 3% of the money from anyone they recommend... and 2% from who they recommend... and 1% from who THEY recommend.

It's basically a pyramid scheme without the "scheme" part of it. It's worth a look! Oh and they're still new, so most people don't know about it. Get an invite here:

Moola.com - Easy money for just a few seconds of your time a day


New Blog

I never post here because I'm stupid.

Check out a new blog that I'm writing with Cece Garcia:

The Doppelgängers



I've never taken a guitar lesson, so I don't know if my teacher was relatively weird or not. I do know that he said things like, "I might suspect you of the sin of sloth."

And when I said something about how our eyes are able to interpret color because of rods and cones, he delicately explained how wrong I was and then proceeded to explain ROYGBIV as it pertains to the rainbow.

When teaching us how to pluck, he conducted us with enthusiastic arm motions that gradually evolved into the zone out stare of a human metronome. We only played one note repeatedly for about five minutes.

The way he watched us was as if he could hear a magic in the notes, or maybe in all the other notes we weren't playing. Maybe he heard something powerful in any music and was just easily enchanted, like a toddler with cartoons. But I think maybe his former passion for music has evolved into a passion for teaching.